Pro Bono Corps

"BVU's leadership consulting is designed and delivered to meet the nonprofit's specific and unique needs."

Elizabeth Hosler Voudouris
Executive Vice President
Brian Broadbent
President & CEO
Ann Kent
Vice President, Services to Nonprofits


Pro Bono Corps

How do you find a professional with expertise who can assist with a specific project? Simply call BVU.

Combine our deep understanding of the nonprofit sector with our strong business ties and the result is a powerful program that delivers high quality consulting services. We'll conduct a needs assessment to help a nonprofit identify their specific need and what type of professional is needed to tackle this project.

Human Resources

BVU can help with compensation/benefits planning, employee handbook review, HR audit and performance audits.


We can consult with you on database evaluation, technology roadmap and other technology issues.


Contact us if you need assistance with your business plan development, financial procedure review and internal controls.


Let us provide an expert to improve your communication goals and provide advice to make sure the image you represent to the community is accurate.


You name the situation -- legal issues, supply chain concerns, real estate needs, executive coaching, pricing strategies or finding an architect - and BVU can connect you with the type of expert you need.



Get Started

If you have additional questions or need more information about BVU's pro bono volunteer program, contact Judy Tobin at (216-736-7711). Engagement fees may apply.

What can we accomplish together? Get the details on nonprofit membership.

Membership Details

Over 350 Volunteer Consultants Engaged

Heart of the Matter

"I am most grateful for the bridge that BVU provides to the business community."

Patricia W. Nobili
Executive Director Achievement Centers for Children