Board Matching for Nonprofits

BVU works as a behind-the-scenes coach. In ways big and small, we refer volunteers and provide consulting, support and training. How can we help you?

"The BVU recruitment, training and Board member matching program is a fantastic opportunity for all nonprofits wishing to fill their Board seats with fantastically talented and committed individuals."

Terri Heckman
President & Executive Director
Battered Women's Shelter

Finding the Right Fit

The composition of your board is absolutely essential. It's not simply a matter of bringing together talented individuals, rather it's finding people whose talents complement each other and then training those individuals to excel as a group.

Here's how BVU can help:


The more we know about your needs, the more we can help. Share with us your mission and programs, the challenges facing your organization, the skills you seek on your board, the time and financial commitments expected from board members, and the types of committees you have established, etc. We'll then screen and recommend professionals who match your needs and have an interest in your mission.


Candidates in the board matching program attend a three-hour seminar on the role of the nonprofit board member. We can also provide customized presentations regarding the role of the board, best practices in nonprofit governance and other topics.


More and more boards understand the importance of achieving a diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, experience and age on their boards. That's why BVU created the Diversity Initiative, which includes programs to increase the participation of minority individuals and young professionals on nonprofit boards.


Get Started

Membership is not required. Simply fill out an application, and BVU will start the process to provide candidates eager to contribute.

If you have additional questions or need more information about BVU's board matching service, contact Julie Clark at or Lauren Mascha at (216-736-7711).

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Membership Details

3,000+ Board Matches

BVU's board matching program helps professionals find the right nonprofit board where they can make a difference. More than 50% move quickly into leadership positions. Recent successful matches include:

Heart of the Matter

"I am most grateful for the bridge that BVU provides to the business community."

Patricia W. Nobili
Executive Director Achievement Centers for Children