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Developing Leaders

When an employee serves on a nonprofit board, it's a win-win situation on many levels. The employee wins because he or she gives back to the community and strengthens his or her business skills. The nonprofit benefits because it gains professional expertise and advice. Plus, the business wins by building goodwill throughout the community.

Here's how BVU prepares and recommends candidates for board positions:

BVU's Board Matching Process


Candidates are nominated to participate in the board-matching program by their employers. Individuals complete an application that asks for professional and educational background, and candidates also identify types of organizations that might be of interest (i.e. health and human services, arts and culture, education).


We interview candidates to learn more about their backgrounds and passions and then share with them specific nonprofit board opportunities that meet their interests and match their skills.


When a candidate decides which organization to pursue, BVU contacts that organization to recommend the candidate. The candidate then meets with the board and staff leadership of the nonprofit to ascertain if it's a mutually good fit. If agreed, the candidate moves forward in the organization's recruitment process and joins a committee or is elected to the nonprofit board.


Candidates in the board matching program attend a three-hour seminar on the role of the nonprofit board member. The seminar includes information about trends and best practices in the nonprofit sector, roles and responsibilities of board members, legal and fiduciary responsibilities and a panel discussion with nonprofit leaders.

BVU's Commitment

BVU will work with your employee until they find the right match.


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BVU's board matching program helps professionals find the right nonprofit board where they can make a difference. More than 50% of candidates move into leadership positions. Recent successful matches include:

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"BVU's board matching program thoughtfully connects individual interest and skill with nonprofit need."

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