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As you approach the Encore stage (second act) of life, you have the opportunity to intentionally design the next chapter. 

Learn about options as you embark on your Encore life plan. This BVU event will feature a panel discussion of current Encore Cleveland participants and facilitated table discussions to help you turn your passion into action.   


The Event will Feature the Announcement of The Cleveland Foundation's 2016 Encore Cleveland Prize Winner


encore cle logo white backgroundThe Cleveland Foundation will honor one individual that embodies the Encore movement in Greater Cleveland. Join us as we commemorate their significant, innovative work that combines personal meaning with social impact to enhance the lives of Greater Clevelanders.

Last year, the foundation presented the individual Encore Cleveland Prize to Thomas Gaghan, founder and executive director of the Greater Cleveland Furniture Bank. 


Includes parking, hors d'oeuvres and beverages.   Guests will be able to explore the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo before the event.



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Encore Cleveland channels the time, energy and talents of experienced Clevelanders into solving community challenges and filling unmet needs.

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Encore Cleveland Individual Perspective


"I am very fortunate to have found an Encore Career that brings together everything that I was able to learn and develop over 31 years."

Thomas Gaghan, Founder
Cleveland Furniture Bank, Encore Cleveland Prize Recipient

Encore Cleveland Nonprofit Perspective

"We have people retiring at 65 and continuing to be be active until they are 95, we cannot lose that 30 years of value."

Colleen Cotter, Executive Director
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Encore Cleveland Prize Recipient