Nonprofit Membership

There are different reasons for businesses and nonprofits to become members. The similarity is the goal of a stronger tomorrow.

"When I have a question, concern or need I can turn to BVU and know that assistance, support and/or training is on the way."

Melanie Hogan
Executive Director
Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP)

Helping Nonprofits Connect With the Community

BVU provides relevant and high impact services that strengthen the governance and leadership capacity of our region's nonprofit sector. BVU's nonprofit services include volunteer referral (board candidates, volunteer consultants, direct service volunteers), consulting and educational seminars.

Become a Member

Nonprofit Consulting Center


  • Custom session (1 hour) to address your organization's board development issues (no charge).
  • Referral and engagement of business professionals as volunteer consultants for project-specific consultations (member and nonmember service; engagement fee may apply).
  • Consulting on board development, leadership succession planning, and volunteer management (fee based).

Linking New Leaders

"Speed-dating" event!  Young professionals and nonprofits "meet" and prioritize their interests in a casual setting over food and drink.  BVU is the match-maker, linking interested parties to foster future partnerships.

Educational Seminars

Discount fees at seminars on nonprofit governance and management topics for board and staff members (offered at locations in Cleveland, Akron, Brecksville, Independence and Valley View).

Nonprofit Executive Network Events

Opportunities for chief executives to share and discuss perspectives with peers from a diverse group of nonprofit organizations (no charge).

Board President Roundtables

Opportunities for board presidents to share and discuss perspectives with peers from a diverse group of nonprofit organizations (no charge).

Community Visibility

Linkage of your organization to BVU's website and listing on BVU materials.



Board Referrals

Potential referral of business professionals to your board.  BVU strives to engage and refer candidates with diverse expertise and demographics, as well as their interest in particular organizations.

The Volunteer Center at BVU

User-friendly online database for referral of individuals and teams of volunteers for Done-in-a-Day needs as well as ongoing volunteer needs.  BVU promotes your volunteer needs to BVU member businesses and to the public, through print and electronic media.

Fees and Options

BVU provides services to nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio.




  • 501(c)(3) organizations with documentation of status on file at BVU
  • Municipal, county, state, and/or federal agencies serving the public
  • Public or private (nonprofit) schools
  • Certain 501(c)(6) organizations e.g. Chambers of Commerce
  • Compliance with federal policies and regulations regarding non-discrimination and accessibility, provides a drug-free work place, and maintains a safe working environment for all volunteers


Criteria for referral of board candidates


  • Operates out of a non-residential office
  • Employs the equivalent of one full-time paid staff member


Nonprofit Organization Budget
BVU Annual Membership Level 
Less than or equal to

$200,000 $160
$300,000 $240
$400,000 $320
$500,000 $400
$600,000 $480
$700,000 $560
$800,000 $640
$900,000 $720
$1,000,000 $800
$1,250,000 $960
$1,500,000 $1,000
$2,000,000 $1,100
$5,000,000 $1,200
$10,000,000 $1,400
$20,000,000 $1,600
Greater than



Nonprofit Members

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