Case Study: saint Luke's foundation

Denise San Antonio Zeman
President & CEO
St. Lukes Community Foundation

Foundations Partner With BVU To Leverage Their Investments In Nonprofits

Saint Luke's Foundation sees BVU as an important partner in leveraging philanthropic dollars in order to increase the capacity of nonprofits, especially the ones it funds.

The Challenge

Saint Luke's Foundation, which reinvests its resources to provide leadership and support for the improvement and transformation of the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities of Greater Cleveland, recognized that many nonprofits would improve their capacity to serve the needs of the community if they strengthened their business and financial operations.

How BVU Helped

Saint Luke's Foundation partnered with BVU to provide services that strengthen nonprofit organizations: training and matching board members who bring business skills and expertise and who ask important questions about how to make the business side of the organization stronger; and engaging professionals as volunteer consultants to help nonprofits accomplish important and often complex management or operational projects.  In addition, BVU seminars were developed to provide practical and relevant information to nonprofit board and staff members on a variety of topics, such as financial management, marketing and human resources.

The Lasting Impact

This partnership, which focuses on building the capacity of nonprofits so that they can further their missions, helps organizations tackle their unique and specific challenges.  The business side of organizations are stronger, resulting in stronger organizations overall.  Saint Luke's Foundation recognizes that its mission of improvement and transformation is realized only when the organizations it supports are sound and sustainable.  Its funding is leveraged when BVU provides capacity building services to its grantees, increasing the impact the foundation can have on the community.