Case Study: The Centers for Families and Children

"PNC skilled professionals have been willing to tackle some of our most challenging process issues."

Elizabeth Newman
Chief Operating Officer
The Centers for Families and Children

The Power of BVU's Pro Bono Corps

Through BVU's Pro Bono Corps, process improvement professionals from PNC helped The Centers for Families and Children save $75,000. 

The Challenge

The Centers for Families and Children needed to review a critical business process for their voucher program to identify opportunities to mitigate revenue loss. The purpose of this project was to reduce the number of manual claims submitted. Each manual claim equates to an estimated loss of timely revenue - which impacts operations.

How BVU Helped

BVU engaged process improvement professionals from PNC who were interested in lending their expertise. The team was an excellent match in terms of desired mission impact and skills.  BVU facilitated a meeting between the PNC team and The Centers staff to understand the scope of the project, the desired end product, timeframe and expertise needed.

The Lasting Impact

The PNC team worked with administrative staff at The Centers to streamline processes in their Early Learning Centers.  The project created new processes related to their voucher program, attendance, and reporting, which not only saved time and provided better reporting, but has also proven to be a great cost-savings measure.  The team of PNC volunteers put their expertise to use while bringing a new perspective to the Centers

The Centers and PNC have made significant strides in reducing the number of manual claims submitted, and in less than one year,  have reduced revenue loss by $75,000, a 67% improvement from the prior year.  The opportunity has been a great example of how individuals can use their unique skill sets to bring meaningful change to our community.  

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"PNC is proud to partner with the Center for Families and Children and provide ongoing volunteer support.  Through Grow Up Great, PNC's signature philanthropic program which focuses on kindergarten readiness for under-served children, employees are allotted 40 hours paid time off to volunteer and support early childhood education. PNC has had volunteers support the Centers for Families and Children through assisting teachers and reading to children, support of the mobile pantry program as well as playground cleanups."

Erin Deimling
Client and Community Relations Manager