Case Study: Swagelok

Sylvie A. Bon
Vice President
Distributor Support
Swagelok Company

BVU As Your Corporate Leadership Development Partner

One company finds that integrating volunteerism into a workforce management strategy is a powerful way to create balance so employees stay engaged and find fulfillment in their lives.

The Challenge

Swagelok, a $1.3 billion, privately-held company that designs, manufactures and delivers fluid system products and solutions, wanted to build upon the professional development opportunities offered to employees by enhancing leadership development, as well as offer opportunities for employees to connect with the community.

How BVU Helped

Swagelok partnered with BVU to develop a plan to provide leadership development through community service. Swagelok's leadership team participated in BVU's board matching program to find rewarding board opportunities at nonprofits that fit employees' areas of interest, as well as where their skill-sets were sought. In addition, BVU has referred both individuals and teams of employees to a variety of hands-on volunteer opportunities.

The Lasting Impact

Swagelok employees have gained insight into the importance of community involvement and how it benefits employees both personally and professionally. Service on nonprofit boards has given employees the opportunity to experience leadership more broadly and develop skills more quickly, as well as expand professional networks. Direct service volunteerism has provided employees with valuable team-building experiences.