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SAVE THE DATE - SEA Change Happen, a social enterprise pitch event

Monday, April 06, 2015

$50,000 is on the line for the newest social entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio!

For the past five months, SEA Change (Social Enterprise Accelerator) has been training and mentoring a cohort of the region's most promising social entrepreneurs to generate community impact while operating viable businesses. Now, they are ready to pitch!

Space is limited so RSVP today.

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Join us at the CIFF for Unlikely Heroes

Sunday, March 22, 2015

BVU is partnering with the Cleveland International Film Festival to present the Swiss film Unlikely Heroes. The film showcases Sabine, a middle-aged psychotherapy assistant, and people seeking asylum in Switzerland. Sabine volunteers, somewhat unexpectedly, in directing asylum seekers to produce a play. As with many volunteer experiences, she may learn more from her involvement than anyone else.

As a friend of BVU, you will receive $2 off a ticket purchase
for ANY film by using the code "BVU" at purchase!

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Volunteering can offer something for everyone

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Looking to volunteer but don't know where to start?

With 24,000 nonprofits in an 18-county area in Northeast Ohio, there is no shortage of options when it comes to volunteering, said Brian Broadbent, president of BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence. The Cleveland-based organization works with businesses and nonprofits, providing one-stop shopping for volunteer referral, consulting and training.

But if you're thinking about volunteering and don't know where to start, Broadbent has some advice.

“The best volunteers are committed to a passion,” he said, adding that the trend in volunteering is up substantially, with baby boomers and millennials showing the largest interest in volunteering.

Some individuals need a nudge to find their passion, so the BVU created a quiz — — to identify the type of volunteer work someone is best suited for — hands-on, skill-based or leadership opportunities. The quiz, launched in January, identifies an individual's passion, and narrows down when and where they want to volunteer, providing a link to local opportunities that match personality and volunteer type.

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Encore careers give postretirement adults a chance to pursue a passion, make a social impact or return to a previous field of study

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A typical leisurely retirement didn’t quite suit William Beckenbach.

“I hate hot weather, and I don’t like to play golf,” he says.

So after selling his business Clark Consolidated Industries 18 years ago and retiring at age 60, he began an encore career — a postretirement career reboot that a growing number of age 50-plus Americans are choosing as a way to explore a passion, make a social impact or fulfill unfinished business such as returning to an area of study they started years ago.

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Leadership through volunteering

Sunday, January 04, 2015

What do our region's leaders have in common?

Well, probably many things, but one thing that stands out is their commitment to serving the community.

Well-known leaders like Beth Mooney, Chris Connor and countless others are deeply involved in nonprofit initiatives, and they have been since early in their careers.

Why is this important? Because serving the community provides meaning and purpose to our lives and our businesses.

For example, by serving as nonprofit board members, we can support a cause close to our hearts, deliberate about important issues, learn new skills, strengthen our leadership styles, develop relationships, and better understand the critical issues affecting our region — all while improving the community in which we live.

These experiences as a volunteer nonprofit leader help to shape us into more effective leaders.

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Cleveland Foundation announces $15.6 million in fourth-quarter grants

Friday, December 19, 2014

Three grants, totaling $1.25 million, will expand the foundation's Encore Cleveland initiative, which seeks to channel the time, energy and talents of experienced Clevelanders into solving community challenges and filling unmet needs.

•$948,300 goes to BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence to implement an Encore Cleveland Fellowship program, with a goal of recruiting and placing 40 fellows over the next three years in paid, time-limited engagements with local nonprofit organizations.

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Indians Volunteer Challenge

Monday, April 07, 2014

BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence works closely with the Indians and area businesses and groups to identify and fill volunteer opportunities.

This Indians season, BVU and the Tribe have a deal you won't want to pass up. It's called The Indians Volunteer Challenge. Not only are you giving back to the community but you get to take in a ball game for free.

If you volunteer for four hours or more and log your hours in the volunteer center at BVU, you will a voucher redeemable for two tickets at one of 28 select Indians games.

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Message from Greater Cleveland nonprofits to young adults: We need you

Friday, February 28, 2014

In Greater Cleveland, nonprofits wanting to connect with prospective young philanthropists and recruit volunteers have a place to turn. BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence connects businesses and nonprofits looking for volunteers and board members.

Although the numbers include all age groups, BVU has matched about 2,300 business professionals to more than 450 nonprofit boards since 1993, according to President and CEO Brian Broadbent.

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Another Good Reason to Volunteer (and Encourage Your Employees to Volunteer)!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We have talked about the benefits of volunteering before, but the studies on this subject keep coming. And, they continue to show that volunteering is not only good for the community, but good for volunteers and for employers, too. A recent study released by UnitedHealth Group and the Optum Institute for Sustainable Health demonstrates the health benefits for individuals who volunteer. In addition, the study also highlights how employers benefit when their employees volunteer:

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You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

Friday, August 16, 2013

I heard a great quote the other day: “Social media is free like a puppy is free.” If you’ve ever gotten a “free” puppy, you understand. No money changes hands up front, but the minute it’s yours, the bills start rolling in. The currency for social media is time, and of course, time is money.

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