About Us

BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence's mission is to promote business volunteerism and foster excellence in nonprofit organizations.

BVU is a national model organization that strengthens nonprofits by involving thousands of volunteers from the community; engaging hundreds of business executives and professionals on nonprofit boards of directors; and providing leading-edge board and management consulting and training services for nonprofits.   The Akron-based Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) and Cleveland-based Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) merged in September 2011, and have offices in both downtown Akron and Cleveland.  The organization, led by Brian Broadbent, President  & CEO, offers services to businesses and nonprofits throughout the region and provide one-stop shopping for volunteer referral, consulting and training.

Strategic and financial pressures are driving nonprofit organizations to strengthen governance and management. In order for a nonprofit to succeed, the organization's leadership needs to develop a competitive vision, guide the organization through change, maximize potential funding and focus limited resources in achieving the greatest benefit for the community.

Businesses and employers are pursuing greater involvement in addressing critical community issues. They recognize that strategic involvement represents unique opportunities to improve the community, while enhancing the company's position in the market and developing and instilling vision, teamwork and leadership skills among personnel.

BVU engages businesses, employers and members of the community-at-large in productive and rewarding leadership and volunteer activities. By leveraging their involvement, BVU strengthens the leadership and expands the capacity of hundreds of nonprofits, while enabling businesses and employers to build strategic, powerful and enduring relationships with the community. Additionally, BVU provides leading-edge board and management consulting services to strengthen nonprofit organizations.

BVU focuses its resources, programs and services on the highest impact services designed to strengthen nonprofits to best serve the community's interests.